How to CommissionSend me a message, or leave a comment on any of my socials.★ Include a full character reference sheet if you have one. Otherwise, any images are useful. If you have no images, I can work from a description, but please make sure it is detailed.★ Please be aware certain socials - like Twitter - do not notify me of messages from people I don't follow. Feel free to also make a public comment just to let me know you've messaged me.

★ Payments through PayPal only.★ Payments must be made in advance of work beginning.★ If your commission includes any physical items, payment for those parts of the work can be made after the digital work is completed, but must be made before anything will be shipped to you.★ You are responsible for all shipping costs and any import fees or taxes that apply.

★ If you require work with a deadline, make that clear before buying.★ You may ask for work-in-progress (WIP) images at any time.★ I may send you WIP images for approval / revisions. Major revisions may only be made at these times. If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will continue the work, and only minor changes may be made.★ If you do not have a clear concept, you may ask for an 'artistic freedom' commission. This means I get to decide on the concept, pose, clothing, props, etc.★ If you want an artistic freedom commission, you can give me ideas of what you might like to see, or definitely want to avoid.

★ I retain all rights to the commissioned work, including commercial use for advertising my commissions.★ I will attribute your characters where possible.★ All commissions are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 international licence. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0★ You do not need to attribute the work where doing so is impossible - profile pictures / banners, printed copies, etc.

Furry OC trading card stickers, perfect for sharing at conventions or furmeets as a little introduction to your character. Play the game, go sticker-bombing, or just collect your own little art gallery!

How to BuyWhen you get a halfbody or fullbody commission, you can get Furmeet TCG stickers of your character!★ Ask about them when you commission★ Come back later, and get a previous commission turned into stickers★ Reorder when you've run out

StickersPriceUK shippingInternational shipping

Booster PacksWhen you get your stickers, you'll also receive a booster pack of 6 picked at random, containing 3 common, 2 rare, and 1 ultra-rare design.