These designs were created for Creative Action Network's collaboration with Space Horizons. This was a collective set of designs to raise awareness of space exploration and to promote STEM subjects.


The 3 hexagonal badges were designed to represent the past, present, and future of space exploration. Venera was a set of Russian probes sent to land on Venus. Not only were they the first man-made objects to make a soft landing on another world, but they also sent back the first photos from the surface of another world. Juno was a current mission to Jupiter, due to arrive shortly after I designed the mission patch for Space Horizons. Europa is a future mission to Jupiter's moon, scheduled for sometime in the 2020s. The probe will be sent to determine whether Jupiter's moon, Europa has liquid water beneath its ice surface. If it does, it could be a world capable of supporting life.


I later added the Rosetta patch when that mission was almost at its end. This mission was a huge event for space exploration, not only as the first probe to land on a comet, but also because of the way it brought space exploration into the public eye a lot more than other recent missions.


The photos shown here are from C.A.N.'s launch of the Space Horizons project in new York. You can see my prints in both photos.

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