Commission custom artwork

Just send me a message on social media, or by email. Let me know what type of commission you want, and any extras. If you have one, include a reference sheet or image of your character.

The best places to commission me are Twitter, Instagram, or FurAffinity.

Terms & Conditions

All commission payments are done through PayPal invoice, or using my page.
Payment must be made before I begin any work on the commission.
During slot openings, payment must be made within 24 hours of being accepted, or the slot may be given to someone else. In this case, a late payment will be refunded.

All commissions may be revised after the initial sketch is delivered. However, if you choose not to receive any work in progress updates, you may not ask for revisions.

All rights are retained by me. Commissions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
If you want to use the work in any way not permitted by the license, you must ask for permission.

Work In Progress Updates:
You will receive a work in progress update after the initial sketch is completed. After that, you may ask for updates at any point before the work is finished.
You can ask if you do not wish to receive the sketch update.